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BillionCarbon Liquid Bio Fertiliser Concentrate

Micro-nutrient rich organic alternative to chemical additives

*Undergoing field trials

Plant Biologist

Currently undergoing field trials

Preliminary tests from our fertiliser have shown very promising results, especially in Tea plantations. 

We are now undertaking more rigorous field trials and experiments across various crops, in collaboration with scientists and research institutes.

Our field trials are being conducted across various regions in India like Assam, West Bengal, Kerela, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka.


Growth Promotion

Humic & Fulvic acids increase nutrient and water uptake in plant roots. High Humic acid levels can dramatically increase plant yields

Soil Regeneration

Nitrogen fixing bacteria, Phosphate and Potash solubilizing bacteria improves soil health and reduce dependence on external fertilisers

Better yields than chemicals

Micronutrients, proteins and amino acids improve key functions in plants, increasing productivity and quality of produce

Carbon sequestration and CO2e mitigation

A fully circular and Climate positive process of production, along with carbon sequestration amplification in soil

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