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Decarbonising Food Supply Chain
By Nutrient Mining from Food waste

World's fastest, fully circular,

Smart Food Waste conversion

to Liquid Bio-fertiliser concentrate and Animal Feed

Our Dream

1 Billion tonnes of CO2e mitigation 
And 100,000 Climate Jobs by 2030

Tea Leaves

About us

At BillionCarbon, we are decarbonising the food supply chain by nutrient mining from food waste to convert to micro-nutrient rich liquid bio-fertiliser concentrate and insect protein, using IoT-enabled micro-climate controlled bioreactor technology.


The process takes 3 days, producing no waste products.


Worldwide soil degradation has become a major issue. On the other hand, untreated biodegradable waste is one of the main causes of Greenhouse gas emissions.

We are working towards accelerated GHG emissions reduction via these bio-waste projects and the bio-fertiliser.


BillionCarbon Nutrient Mining from Food Waste

World's fastest, nature-optimised, low-cost
Smart Food waste treatment.

With our 3-day Food waste treatment technology, we are accelerating the scale at which the world can handle its biodegradable waste treatment.

BillionCarbon liquid bio-fertiliser concentrate

Through a completely circular and CO2e mitigating process, we generate the BillionCarbon liquid bio-fertiliser, which is rich in Nitrogen fixing bacteria and essential micro-nutrients.

We are making large scale soil regeneration viable.

Uplink - World Economic Forum
Top Innovator

Smarter Climate Farmers Challenge 2023

Blue Skies


National Winners
APAC Winners
Global Finalists - 2022

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Top Innovator (Global Winners)

Smarter Climate Farmers

Challenge 2023

BITS Pilani
Shark Tank

Blue Skies

Incubation Partners

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Low Carbon Earth

United Nations Environment Programme


BITS BioCyTiH Foundation -
Govt. of India DST - TIH (Technology Innovation Hub)
BITS Pilani

Blue Skies

Atal Incubation Center
Gujarat Technological University

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Emergent Ventures

Mercatus Center (USA)

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